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What is virtual volunteering?

two adults looking at laptopMillions of people across the globe volunteer every year. In fact, estimates from the United Nations Volunteers indicate 970 million people volunteered in 2018.

Busy working professionals may wonder how nearly one billion people across the globe find the time to volunteer. One way charitable men and women can pitch in even if they’re pressed for time is to try their hand at virtual volunteering, which makes it possible to lend a hand without leaving home.

Charitable organizations will always need volunteers to pitch in on project sites, but they also need support in other areas. Virtual volunteers can help perform behind-the-scenes tasks that are essential to the survival of charitable organizations.

Nonprofit organizations can benefit greatly from virtual volunteers, who can perform tasks like website design and data entry from the comforts of home on their own time. Virtual volunteers also can help out during fundraising campaigns and strategizing sessions that can help organizations meet their goals. Anyone with a computer and internet access can become a virtual volunteer, regardless of how busy their schedule is. In fact, many working professionals may find it’s easy to fit volunteering into their schedules if they do not have to travel to a project site or the office of a charitable organization.

Virtual volunteering also can make it possible for charitable men and women to help overseas organizations, helping to eliminate the hurdles created by geography and time zones.

Virtual volunteering can benefit volunteers as well as the organizations they help. Jayne Cravens, author of “The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook,” spent years studying the benefits of virtual volunteering. Cravens ultimately concluded that virtual volunteering can benefit volunteers in various ways, including allowing them to volunteer with multiple causes and organizations and even affording them more time to volunteer. Cravens also discovered that virtual volunteering makes volunteering possible for disabled men and women or people who live in especially remote areas.

Men and women interested in becoming virtual volunteers should contact a favorite charity to discuss how they can begin lending a hand today. 

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