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Internet FAQs

What’s the difference between the Internet & Wi-Fi?hand with question mark
The Internet is connected networks all over the world. Wi-Fi is your personal wireless network within your home.

Why is a speed test not showing the speed I pay for?
There is a box (usually some type of modem) that brings Internet into your home from your service provider. To get the most accurate speed test, plug your computer directly into an available port on the modem with an ethernet cord before running the test. Use and connect to the Ciello, Inc. server to run your speed test. If you subscribe to a speed package greater than 100 Mbps, we highly recommend that you download the app and run your speed tests from this application. One thing to note: older devices that do not use the newer 5Ghz Wi-Fi frequency may not support speeds greater than 25 Mbps. This is not referring to the new 5G cell phone technology. This is referring to the frequencies that your device uses to communicate with your modem/router in your home.

How can I get the speed I pay for over my wireless device?
The best way is to have a router or gateway that supports the speed you pay for, then make sure:
• the device you are using is capable of the subscribed speed (you may call Ciello to verify that your router is a current model),
• you do not have any viruses or malware running on your device,
• you close down all other applications before running the speed test, and
• you have full bars on your signal before running the test.
All of these things may cause slower speed tests results over Wi-Fi.

Why can’t I get a good signal in certain areas in my home?
The wireless radios in your router/gateway push service out from the device. Think about it like a speaker, the further you get away, the softer the sound is. Your Wi-Fi works the same way. The further away you get, the weaker the signal. If there are things like metal, concrete, thick walls and mirrors, between you and the router these can weaken the signal even more.
The placement of your router or gateway determines where the Wi-Fi signals are strongest in your home or outside your home (such as a patio). The more centrally located, the more of your home it will reach. However, if your router or gateway is in a location where it can’t be moved you can add a mesh unit to regenerate the signal further into other areas of your home. Call Ciello at 852-3538 to discuss adding a mesh unit in your home.



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