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Will the service cover the entire Valley eventually? Service will eventually cover the entire Valley. However, there may be small pockets on the perimeter of the valley floor that may not be accessible.




Will every REC electric customer ultimately be able to get it? YES! At this point the jury is still out on whether or not they will become members or not. Regardless, services will be available to the entire Valley.




What areas will get it first? Why were they chosen? Phase 1 goes through South Fork and up to Creede. This area was chosen as a significant portion of our membership resides in those areas. This made access adn installation much easier.




When will my area get it? Please visit the map, under the Our Network tab.




How much will it cost? Please see Pricing.




Will people be able to get just broadband or just phone service from Ciello? Yes. They can get either or both. Ciello is a separate bill from REC. However, people WILL be able to pay their Ciello bill & SLVREC bill through the Pay Online or SmartHub app.




How is VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) different than the land line I have now? Historically, telephone has been provided over a completely separate network. Whereas VoIP uses your internet connection to complete phone calls, and provides a clearer connection than traditional copper based service.




Will my internet service be completely wireless? No. Our fiber will come to where your electrical pole and then continue on to your home.  At your home there will be a modem/router (ONT) that will provide Wi-Fi (wireless) coverage throughout your residence.  Your Wi-fi can be password protected.




Will Ciello be providing video/TV service? No.  Although our system could actually provide this service, feasibility studies determined that it was not economically viable. 46% of all traffic on the internet comes from streaming NetFlix which is reducing the need for video.




Will you provide seasonal discounts? Yes. Please refer to Pricing for our seasonal rates.




Can I bury the line from the pole to my home? Yes, there my be additional charges if this exceeds the allotted installation amount.




Can I keep my same phone number if I switch to SLVREC phone service? Yes!




Are there additional 'hidden costs' i.e. modem or ONT? No, this cost will be ours.  There are no additional costs for equipment.  We are the ONLY provider who does this!




Does the price include tax?  The telephone packages do not include tax. The internet packages do not have tax.




Is it unlimited data? Yes, the packages have different speeds at which data is transferred. The data is unlimited.
What is an ONT? ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal. Is your router/modem that is provided by Ciello.
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